Time for Biden to announce a WPA-style, blue ribbon commission to review/retire/replace monuments.

Trump is probably right. Most voters do not want to see statues torn down by mobs, and some statues should probably be spared. How can Joe Biden take the high road, seize permanent control of this national debate, and leave Trump in the dust defending indefensible historical figures? Easy! He must announce plans for a “Making History” initiative (feel free to borrow the title) to help local communities develop referendums on existing statues, and where enough interest existed to retire them, to work with civic leaders to help find and fund worthy replacements that reflect local history and pride.

“Making History” could be an exciting new model that unites historians, artists, activists, and average citizens in a soul-searching public discussion about who we are, and who we aspire to be, as communities comprising this proud nation. A federal fund would be established to subsidize the replacement of any selected monuments, and a new museum could even house retired statues that can still serve a vital purpose educating the public with proper historical context.

At its top ranks, “Making History” should be helmed by luminary American historians and artists who will headline a 50-state tour to launch the effort, and end the rollout by personally managing the review/retire/replace process for the federal city of Washington, DC (unless it gains statehood by then). As WPA projects once shone hope against hardship by loosing America’s inimitable creative spirit, art can once again heal our national pain and light the way forward. Thank you, President Biden!

You can open smart, or open dumb.

By all means open up state and local economies, just do it safely. Only an idiot would do it without social distancing, or mask wearing, or following the advice of his own health experts and federal guidelines. Don’t be an idiot. Choose life AND livelihood!

Trump supporters must hereby be referred to as his “white nationalist base”.

They are predominately white, and Trump proudly calls himself a nationalist, so the term is entirely accurate. The same way branding Dems socialists scares voters away from them, no self-respecting American wants to be counted among white nationalists. Trump is literally labeling Dems as radical leftists Antifa terror squads, so this is a far more reasonable characterization. “White supremacist base” is also not a stretch.